Frequently asked questions

What are the temperatures like?

The highs fluctuate between 25 and 35oC throughout the year and the lows between 20 and 5oC.

During summer: The months from August – April are warm (high 20oC’s) with temperatures reaching their upper limit for the area during October (around 35oC).

The rainy season: Victoria Falls is prone to short, spectacular thunderstorms (usually late in the afternoon) and our rainy season generally starts towards the end of November / December and continues until around mid- March, but this does vary from year to year. Temperatures are still warm.

An African winter: May – July and into August. Winter is typically cool at night and in the mornings although you can expect it to be lovely and warm during the day. In winter months it is advised that you do bring warm clothes especially for the mornings and evenings.

How does the electricity supply work and what kind of plugs are there?

220 V supply with square 3 pin and 2 pin plugs.

When is the best time to visit?

This is a common question but there is no definitive answer. Ideally, every visitor would be able to see the Victoria Falls at least twice – during High Water (March through July) and during Low Water (August through February). During the peak water flow, you will be immersed in a cloud of spray and the thunderous power of water is deafening. During the lowest water levels, the area turns into an adventure playground with the Zambezi River providing the best white water rafting on Earth, swimming in the Devil’s Pool and the Under the Spray tour are all unforgettable memories.June through October is the high season for tourism and you may find it difficult to find accommodation in July or August unless you book ahead.