“Move right to the end of the platform and put your toes over the edge!” says a crew member I only just met moments ago. My heart’s on fire with an excited anticipation for what I know comes next. I’m about to jump off the 111 metres bridge over the mighty Zambezi River connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe with Victoria Falls Bungee http://www.victoriafallsbungee.com

As I wiggle my way to the ledge I can feel a draft blowing in from the falls just behind me. The crew members who are responsible for my safety tell me to look out at the horizon. I guess sending my brain visual information about the raging rapids below isn’t going to help at this point--but I look anyway. My eyes widen and I try to steady my balance.

In my head is a running monologue pleading to turn my body away: “Are you crazy? Remind me again why you’re doing this? It’s not too late, you know. Play it safe. Turn back!”. Then the countdown starts, “5, 4, ...”. Out of some tiny spark of courage, my inner adventurer suddenly speaks out, “Don’t worry. It’s safe. People do this. You can do this.” The crowd joins in “3, 2, 1...”. One last thought comes into my head, “Don’t think, just do!”. I join the crowd and yell “BUNGEE” as I lean forward to the point of no return and jump out with everything I’ve got.

Then, a moment of pure awe...I’m quite certain there are literally no words to adequately describe the feeling. It is surreal beyond belief and invigorating to the core.

After a few seconds of freefall the cord goes tight and pulls back as I stare at the white water rushing by me just 20 metres below. Immediately, there’s a sense of satisfaction knowing all has worked to plan. The bounces that follow are the icing on the cake but the real lasting joy is knowing I overcame my fear and reaped the reward of total liberation.

After the bungee, I was craving more so went straight back to the jump zone, this time to do the “Bridge Swing”. Talking to other jumpers, the “larger than life” feeling is apparently pretty unanimous as everyone was wanting to go back for seconds. The swing definitely fills that need. Hopping off feet first, it packs an extra kick in the stomach as compared to the bungee and will make you feel like you’re in the world’s biggest playground as you fly horizontally back and forth below the bridge.

Sound a bit wild? It is. Need to ease into the idea of jumping off a bridge? You’ll be happy to know there’s an app for that. It’s called the “Slide”--a zip line from the edge of the gorge onto the bridge. The slide is a great appetizer that helped me establish trust in my gear and appreciate just how great the view is from the air.

If you’re like me then you want to do all three. Luckily Victoria Falls Bungee offers a “buy 2, get 1 free” discount. And, just when you think you’re a gorge flying pro with nothing new to experience, you now have the option of doing a Full Moon Bungee. It’s a night plunge into darkness offered for two days during any full moon.

As someone who’s now done them all, I can attest that the natural high from the Victoria Falls Bungee experience lasts well through the night and brought a smile to my face for days. I can’t help but feel a special bond with the gorge--as though I’ve been admitted into some elite club. Now when people ask me about it, admitting their interest but doubting their resolve, I just tell them the simple truth, “Yes it’s life changing and yes you can do it!”.



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