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Savannah Southern Safaris offers an intimate feel of African wildlife through a wide selection of nature experiences ranging from walking safaris, birding trips and exclusive rhino walks. Savannah Southern Safaris believes that the best and most natural way to enjoy any destination is by engaging in natural pursuits such as walking. These walking safaris take place in Zambia’s Mosi-O-Tunya National Park and surrounding areas.

Nature Walks/ Walking Safaris

Walking through the Zambian bush is an experience that puts you in direct contact with the colours, smells and noises of the wild, with no barrier filtering or modifying the experience. Visitors are guided by experienced guides who help uncover the mysteries of the wild, from the footprints of the buffaloes and those of the giraffes, to the funnel-shaped web at the bottom of which the spider patiently awaits its prey.

Rhinos are only one of many attractions you mind find in our park. But surely one many of our visitors hope for. The white rhinoceros or square-lipped rhinoceros is one of the five species of rhinos that still exist. The white rhino is on the verge of extinction due to poaching fueled by the commercial uses of their horns. Meeting a white rhino is an amazing and unique experience.


The Mosi-O-Tunya National Park and the area around Livingstone has over 450 bird species, most of which are resident. Migrating birds arrive around November and December while some waders may come as early as August. These Palaearctic migrants leave in March and April for destinations in the northern hemisphere where they spend the winter. Savannah Southern Safaris provides bird watchers with exclusive tours in the Mosi-O-Tunya National Park and surrounding areas, allowing birders to sight amongst others, some of the rare bird species like the solitary Miombo Pied Barbet (Tricholaema frontata) the Taita Falcon (Falco fasciinucha), which is almost extinct, and the elusive African Finfoot (Podica senegalensis). Birding tours start as early as 6 hrs in the morning and last between three and four hours. Afternoon trips are also available. They start at 14:30 and last a minimum of three hours. For the more adventurous birders Savannah Southern Safaris offer trips outside Livingstone to see special birds such as the endemic Chaplin’s Barbet, African Shoebill, Flamingos and Long Toed lapwing or the Black Cheeked Lovebirds.

Safari drives

Traditional safari drives are also available and guests can enjoy game viewing from the back of safari van. Safari vehicles can cover vast distances in response to game sightings and, as most wild animals are accustomed to the sight of vehicles, they can be approached closely, which gives excellent opportunities for wildlife photography. Starting times are flexible, though 11 to 14 hrs should be given to the animals to rest in piece in the heat of the sun. Sightings are usually best early morning or late afternoon.

Cultural experiences

Apart from the exciting nature walks, Savannah Southern Safaris enables visitors to experience the daily life of villages and markets, as well as visits to historical sites in and around Livingstone. The colors and the smells of local markets, the friendliness and kindness of the local people, the creativity and skills of local artists all blend together to make an unforgettable experience of Zambian life. From general town tours, art tours, architectural tours, historical tours, night live tours to visits in the village, our guides will try to meet your interest.
We offer:
- Art and Artisan Tours: Visit local social enterprise and the National Art Gallery and see what change a little creativity can make in peoples live
- Art Studio Tours: Visit local artists, see where they work and get expired. We also visit different Galleries and Exhibitions during these tours.
- Community project visits: Kwathu Orphanage, Simoonga Community School, Pure Skills, Youth of Mukuni are some initiatives and organisations who like opening their doors for visitors, they will show you their work and amazing achievements, as everyone knows, only with public recognition can a long time successful work be accomplished. Be a part of local community work, teaching and training… at least for one afternoon or morning. Each tour directly contributes to the visited project.
- Town Walks: Take a walk through the beauty and history of Livingstone town and get to know the city with an experienced guide.

- Town and Museums Tours: Name your interest and the guide will open the town for you: Architecture, History, Jewish History, Markets, Shopping, Nightlife.... we guide you according to your interests!

-Village Tour: Learn about village life and traditional ways of living in Zambia

- Cook like a Zambian: Interested in more tradition? Why do you not visit our guide at home and prepare a traditional meal together with the family. There will be lots to learn and lots to enjoy.

Savannah Southern Safaris is a professional tour operating company that offers unique travel experiences in Zambia.

Each tour is supervised by experienced and knowledgeable local guides who will provide visitors with interesting facts and trivia about Livingstone and Mosi-O-Tunya National Park, its flora, fauna wildlife and the local people, and their way of life. Visitors will also be shown the best places, hot spots, sights and attractions available.

Savannah Southern Safaris are happy to arrange transfers and entry to parks and museums, allowing clients to enjoy a stress free visit. This range of tour packages can be customised to suit individual interests, making your stay in Zambia a memorable experience.

Guide Hiring
You are not interested in a guided tour, you have your very own individual plans and programs, but would like to have a local guide on your site who helps with directions, fotospots and backround information? Hire a Guide half or full day with Savannah's exclusive Guides on Hire Service.

Contact us: [email protected], Cell: +260978169567 or visit us at the National Art Gallery, off Sichango Road.

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